How to set up the simplest scalable ‘hello world’ mocha-chai test ever

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Hello, everyone! I'm sorry it's been such a long time since the last post - while trying to move (again) I've been busy working on a number of projects that are beginning to take off. Today, though, we're going to be spending a few minutes getting a really simple mocha chai test working on your project. The goal of this little tutorial is to keep it as simple as possible while [...]

Journey into React Part 6: Managing state and connecting to an Api with Redux and Axios

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Our React application is coming along nicely. We've got a basic front end all set up and we're ready to make a call to the test api endpoint that we created in the last article. This tutorial is going to focus on setting up and using Redux as well as Axios so that you can make a call to that server. We'll walk through a very simple reducer, touch on [...]

How to Create a React.js Support Ticketing System Using MongoDB

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In the last article I wrote we talked about how to create a Redux-Form inside a React/Redux application. Now I want to put that form to work for us, and create a simple support ticketing system using a Node.js/Express server and Mongoose to talk to a MongoDB. This will get us some good working knowledge of how to use Redux-Form, but more importantly, we'll work with Mongoose and API's in [...]

How to Create a Redux-Form with Validation and Initialized Values

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You want your React app to have an intelligent form that validates the data being input before sending it off to your API. You want it to be easy and straightforward to implement with the features you'd expect. Features like setting initial values of your fields. Luckily for you, Redux Form makes all that a breeze. Even better, with the latest release candidate (Redux Form 6.0.0rc3) and later, you can [...]

Journey into React Part 5: Creating a RESTful API with Express

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We're going to be changing gears a bit here with Part 5 of our React.js tutorial and focus now on the back-end of our application. This section will center on creating a restful node api that uses express, cors and body-parser to send JSON responses to our clients. It'll do this when they send a "get" request to our hello world API. We'll also create our first controller and first [...]

Creating Paginated Tables with React That You can Sort, Filter, and Customize

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I recently incorporated first set of react tables into an app that I'm building. My goal was to display all of the clients that are using my app for the admins to manage. I wanted it to have all those nice features, like sorting by column, filtering by name/role/etc, and it had to be fast. Needless to say, I pretty quickly threw out the standard HTML <table>and started looking into React [...]

Journey into React Part 4: Styling your App with Scss and Webpack

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I'm back! There was a bit of some down time there while I relocated my business (and myself!) to Minnessota, but after much ado - part 4 is here! If you missed the last few segments you can always catch up here. This time we are going to be working on how to style a react app with some scss by implementing a whole host of new webpack loaders into our webpack.config.js [...]

Journey into React Part 3: Navigating Between Webpages with React Router

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Hello and welcome back for part 3 of our journey into React. By now, you've set up your windows based work environment, and have created your first hello world app. If you've missed these, I'd highly recommend going back and reviewing them: part 1 is here, and part 2 is here. Our goal today will be really digging into our React app by implementing react router, the dependency that will allow [...]

Journey into React Part 2: Creating your first react app

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In part 1 of our journey into react we got our windows work environment set up; we installed ConEmu to set up a pretty windows console, the text editor to improve our coding experience, and then from within that console we installed Node.js and git. After that we learned how to navigate using the command line, and we created our project directory, and initialized our project with the npm [...]

Creating a Collapsible Navigation Menu in React.js

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Updated 8/15/2016 Today we're going to be making a collapsible navigation menu solution using nothing but React.js as an exercise in using event handlers, component state, and various React lifecycle methods. There is a much simpler and more elegant solution to achieve this exact same thing - my thanks go out to Mike for sharing his example in the comments below. But for the sake of practice and education, let's [...]