Journey into React Part 1: Getting Started with React on Windows

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Updated: 8/3/2016 After recently taking the plunge into React on windows myself, I decided I would write a series of posts on my experience. I found that while there are countless well written articles on the subject, tutorials to follow, and the endless knowledge of professionals on Stack Overflow, getting a working knowledge of React on windows is somewhat difficult and the process is a little convoluted. This series of [...]

How to Correctly Set Up Webpack Image Loader in your Node app

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Setting up your webpack.config.js file can be tediously complicated work. I stumbled upon this again myself as I was configuring my own webpack file to handle images. While I've been working with React, Node, and webpack for some time now, I'll nevertheless run across issues that take me a while to fix. One common webpack error we can overcome through the use of the Webpack image loader. If you run [...]